Whether you’re looking to hire a dog walker or you want to become a professional one, I cannot stress enough the importance of insurance and being bonded. As a professional dog walker myself, it was one of the first things I inquired about (and purchased) when starting my business. Why is dog walking insurance so important? I’ll tell you why:

1) Dog walking insurance protects you. Whether you’re taking dogs in your home for sitting or walking them down the street, you are taking a huge risk. You risk losing your business and personal assets. For example, you’re walking down the street and one of your dogs lunges on someone, causing injury. You are liable, and if this person chooses to sue you, your insurance should provide some protection.

Bonding protects you. Bonding insures your customers’ property in the event that something goes missing and you are accused of it. You are not personally responsible and the bonding will cover any loss.

2) Dog walking insurance protects your client. Pet owners are concerned about security and safety. They’re entrusting you with their home and their pet(s) so knowing your business is insured and bonded gives them the extra padding of comfort just in case something were to go wrong.

3) Dog walking insurance protects your client’s dog. Picture this: you’re at the dog park with a few dogs and one of them accidentally swallows a toy. You have to rush him to the vet and there’s a likelihood he’ll require surgery. If you have insurance, the vet and surgery expenses are covered. If you don’t have insurance, you’re going to have to pay a hefty bill out of your own pocket.

4) Insurance gives you extra credibility & shows you’re serious about your business. Anyone can just put up a flyer and advertise dog walking services but a professional will go that extra mile to register a business and purchase insurance/bonding. It’s a hefty expense but essential if you’re serious about your dog walker or your dog walking business and want to have all the bases covered.

Usually dog walkers with insurance might cost a few bucks more than a walker without but I firmly believe the added dollars are worth it. It’s worth the peace of mind as a walker and worth it as a client.

While insurance is not mandatory for running your own business, the Government of Canada’s Business Network website has much detailed information on getting the appropriate insurance to protect yourself and your business. Please take some time to visit the site and find out what insurance would be best for you. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!



Tonia has owned her own dog walking company and been a full-time professional dogwalker for over 4 years. She is a member of Pet Sitters International and the Pet Professional Guild (the Association for Force-Free Pet Professionals). She volunteers weekly at a local dog shelter where she gets to feed and spend time with many furry friends.
She started Dogwalker World to share her knowledge and passion about dogs and their natural instinct to walk and explore. She believes (and knows) that walking your dog can be a fun activity that will only strengthen your bond with them. This website is her dedication to you to ensure that you find the tools and advice necessary to make walking your dog a success!

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